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Roger Stone was politically targeted in the illegitimate and illegal Mueller Witchhunt because of his long personal and political relationship with President Donald Trump.

Roger Stone's home was raided in the pre-dawn by 29 heavily armed FBI Agents with a CNN camera crew in tow. Roger Stone was vilified, smeared, threatened, terrorized, pressured to lie against the president, gagged, legally lynched in a Soviet style show trial in Washington DC, censored, deplatformed and ultimately vindicated and pardoned by the President.

Roger Stone has been forthright about his redemption in Jesus Christ and his rededication of his life to the Lord.

This two-year jihad left Roger Stone and his wife Nydia battered, exhausted and nearly bankrupt. The Stone's lost their home, their savings, his car and most but not all of their insurance.

But the attacks on Roger Stone have not ended. Even though Roger Stone was not an Ellipse , did not march to the Capitol and was not at the Capitol on January 6th and there is no evidence whatsoever that he knew in advance about, participated in or condoned any illegal activity on January 6th he has been hounded by House Democrats and smeared in the fake news media.

Sadly Roger Stone can not leave his home or travel without the threat of physical violence against him because of the invective and assault on him by the media.

Now Roger Stone must also defend himself and his wife from ELEVEN completely groundless civil harassment lawsuits filed to drive up their legal bills and smear him in the media.

Shortly after his pardon Roger Stone's wife Nydia was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Today, thanks to the healing power of the Lord and the generous support of thousands of Americans to pay her uninsured medical expenses , Nydia Stone is cancer-free.

Roger and Nydia Stone urgently need your help to support their family, for personal security, and to help finance his on-going legal defense against these politically motivated harassment lawsuits.

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